Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1:  What are your wedding photography rates and packages?

Answer:  We know this is the matter that most people are curious about (that’s why we put it in the first place for you). Photo-shoot session should be tailored for each wedding based on availability and needs of the couple. Those are also the reason why our rates are not listed fully for public viewing. We love to hear couples sharing about details of their weddings so we can give our best advises. So, just send us an email and you will have what you need.
* Khoi Le Studios has become a group of 5 wedding photographers, who share the same goal and feeling about image value, with starting rate for Pre-wedding at $700 and Wedding day at $1300.


Question 2:   What is your photography style?

Answer:  We love candid moments. Our photos are composed of true emotions, perfect lighting, clean compositions and sometimes theatricality. We respect the way things happen and record them in the most artistic way. We always yearn for creating something memorable, some visual legacies so whenever you look at them you can live those old good days again. We know some instants that only happen once and we want to tell your complete story through our cameras. Speak to us to know more about our artworks.


Question 3:   I’m bad at posing. What is your advice?

Answer:  Then don’t. Except for family portrait and group shots if required.


Question 4:   What are you shooting?

Answer:  Wedding photography including pre-wedding (engagement) and actual day are our main field of works. Besides, We also do commercial, event, architectural and family photography.


Question 5:   Do you do videography? Do you have all-in service including outfits, makeup, hairdo…?

Answer:  We provide photography only. We have big ambition for photography that’s why we chose to do one just one thing and do it at our best. Yet, we can give you referrals of excellent Videographers and bridal vendors who we had a chance to work with.


Question 6:   Do you do destination weddings?

Answer:  We love travelling. For this reason, destination weddings are always on top of our list and dream. We are destination wedding photographers, as we have been travelling and shooting around Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Canada. We are willing to travel as long as we are allowed to be in that location.


Question 7:   How important is shooting location?

Answer: Location does play a certain role in wedding photography however it is not the decisive factor. It is lucky to shoot in beautiful places because it may stir up your feelings but after all it’s your true emotions that decide the value of your photos. You know we are experienced in capturing the vibes. Bad weather or unexpected change of weather do count as a challenge but we are able to see something different from such circumstances and ensure quality end-products for our clients.


Question 8:   Who will be shooting our pre-wedding/engagement and wedding day/actual day sessions?

Answer: We will always be the main photographer for all of your sessions. For pre-wedding/engagement sessions, we will shoot on my own normally. For wedding day/actual day sessions, at least two of our in-house photographers will cover your day to make sure nothing gets missed and also to add more perspectives to your album. However, in case you only need one photographer for the date, we are still available.


Question 9:   Are you really shooting all day long as the quote says “one-day shooting”? What does your coverage include?

Answer:  Our answer is “No” for pre-wedding/engagement sessions and “Almost” for wedding day/real day sessions. Allow us to explain! Prewedding/engagement sessions depend mostly on natural lighting and there are only few hours in a day that have perfect light. We normally shoot for 4-5 hours a day in total. The rest of the time is for travelling between locations, makeup, hairdo, resting time for the couple… While you are resting or preparing for the next scene, we will be either backing up images, setting up for the second venue, or looking for best views... In many cases, we use that “downtime” to take some behind the scene shots. For wedding day/real day shoots, as we mentioned, we will minimize the chance that anything gets missed so we will cover your full day from getting ready, ceremony, reception, group photos, family traditional shoot, party... You will not even have to ask for extension of service. We are often the last ones to stay. We want you to completely enjoy your perfect day.


Question 10:   Are there additional costs such as travel, accommodation…?

Answer: I am happy to bare travel cost for myself if shooting in Vietnam (will need your help with this cost if shooting overseas). I will need your support to cover travel cost for my second shooter, entry approval fee (visa fees – if required), accommodations and meals for my team whether shooting inside or outside Vietnam. I can add this cost to the final price after having your approval on our proposal so you can be worry free about this. I know you have a lot on your plate already.


Question 11:   How many photos we will we receive?

Answer: Some hundred images will be delivered to you as final product. There is no limit on number of photos taken in a session and I’m going to eliminate the undesired photos (blink shots, blurred images, bad exposures etc…). Normally a couple will have 200 – 300 photos for their pre-wedding/engagement session and 300 – 500 photos for their wedding day/actual day session depending on many factors of a couple and their wedding.


Question 12:   Do we receive all the raw, unedited files?

Answer: Products delivered to my customers must be presentable. That’s my principle. Therefore, the raw, unedited files will not be available for viewing or purchase. They are eliminated from the first stage. We do not archive such images.


Question 13:  When will we receive our photographs? For how long will you store our photos?

Answer: Final delivery of digital images will be completed within 6 weeks from the shooting date. Once the final images are received by email or USB, or 6 months have elapsed from the date of the wedding/event, I will no longer be responsible for providing any data or photos lost, stolen, or damaged. I strongly suggest you make at least one copy of the download when you receive it from me.


Question 14:  How will photographs be delivered?

Answer: Photos will be delivered in high resolution JPEG format and do not bear any watermarks. They will be sent to you by email or USB.


Question 15:  “How much” will you touch up our photos?

Answer: Every image delivered to you is post produced. The touch up process involves color correction, exposure adjustments, clarity adjustments, tone mapping, cropping, and converting to black and white photos. Advanced post-production that involves removing blemishes on skin, whiten teeth, remove undesirable objects from the pictures, changing the size and shape of body parts or other objects in the scene, adding objects to a scene and other custom works will be charged extra. The additional fee is charged hourly as time required for advanced post-production bases on the complexity of your request. Please contact my studio manager for a quote.


Question 16:  Can you describe the album design process?

Answer: Our service does not include album printing however I do pre-design album as a courtesy to you. Once you have received your digital pictures and chosen the photographs for your album, design time is around 2 weeks. I will send the album design to you. If you want to send it to print, I am willing to help and will add the printing cost to the final amount due.


Question 17: Do we get the copyright of the images? Can we print the photos ourselves? Can we share our photos online?

Answer: You have the right to reprint images for personal, non-transferable and non-commercial uses whenever you want. However, the images may not be reproduced in any manner (in whole, in-part, or scanned and then computer modified). The photographs are not allowed to be offered for sales. I retain the copyright of all photographs. Online sharing of your wedding photos is welcome, but requires credit in all cases and a site link when it is possible to do so. If the photos are to be posted online, no additional editing or cropping is permitted. Permission is granted to Khoi Le Studios by default to use any images created for professional samples, displays, internet website pages, advertising, exhibitions, contests, and any other purpose unless otherwise stated in photography contract.


Question 18:  Do we need to feed you at our weddings?

Answer: It is not a must, but a hot meal during the reception is always a nice treat to recharge our batteries for a long working day. We definitely will be more energic and mobile if we are fed.


Question 19:  Can my guests or relatives take photos by their own camera or smart phones?

Answer: It is fine as long as they do not use flash and step into my frame. Flashes from guests’ cameras may ruin shots taken by photographers so I would be happier if guest photography is not to be done in ceremony, formal family portrait, first dance time.


Question 20:   Can I hire another photographer for my wedding?

Answer: I would be really sad if you ask me so. I have my own team and


Question 21:  How can I hire you for my wedding?

Answer: As easy as a pie. Contact us and we will be in touch with you for pre-event consultation. Next, we will sign a photography agreement.


Question 22:  What is your payment schedule?

Answer: A retainer of 50% of your balance is required to reserve your date when the agreement is signed. The next 50% is due two weeks before your wedding date. Payment can be made by cash, fund transfer or online by your credit card.


Question 23:   Do you offer photobooth?

Answer:  Yes. It is an additional service that is funny to add to your wedding date. We have a separate team who will provide you a photobooth, amusing props and an assistant. Contact us for a quote.


Question 24:  What do you wear to our wedding?

Answer:  I’ll be in mostly black, sometimes in suit. Don’t worry, I promise the groom will be the mist handsome man that day.


Question 25:   Do you provide partial day coverage?

Answer: Yes. Please contact us for more details.


Question 26:  We are working on a budget, will you give me a discount?

Answer:  I did give a discount, but very occasionally. If you are working on a smaller budget, we have incredible session covered by my associates Nam & Tuan who have a very good taste on wedding photography. You will receive the same service from Khoi Le Photography with amazing different framing.  Please contact us for more details!


Question 27:  What is your refund policy?

Answer:  Once an agreement is signed, I do not accept any other booking for the same day. Therefore, retainer fee is not refundable. I will return all additional paid money after deduction of other fees occurred related to travelling (visas fee, air tickets/hotel cancellation fee…).


Question 28:  Do you teach or host workshops?

Answer:  Yes, I do. Please check out Khoi Le Workshop News for my public workshop and Khoi Le Workshop for my private ones. I am also a founder of  Vietnam Wedding Photography. Join us to get to know many photographers and learn more from them!