Khoi Le Studios 

Khoi Le Studios is a boutique of three wedding photographers... 



“Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true.” I read this quote from Henri Lartigue and make it become my motto for my career. Among many catching and trendy photography styles, I pioneered the adventurous direction of capturing actions and emotions which is the most challenging to any photographer. My photos reflect the truth, no preparation, no external impacts, no arrangement, but have to be artistic and unique. Because all things happen today will become yesterday’s.



“All conditions are perfect conditions”. It might be the most defiant standpoint in photography but it’s also challenging with me. I always curious about how come illustrious photographers on the world can create very spectacular photos. I follow them and find that they work really enthusiastically. So that, I don’t mind conditions. I can go with you on every journey, I can be with you in every touching moments. Yes, I am willing to, because I want to save all your meaningful moments, even crazy, even energetic, even deep or dumb. All are precious.

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"Every photo has a story behind it". I want people remember about me as a Dreamer Photographer. It’s so true to be what I might have been even I studied about Software Engineering. I am following a specific style of wedding photo story. Love is always beautiful. Wedding is always memorable. For everyone it’s always be. But sometimes people don’t know how to keep all those wonderful things last long in their memory. So, photo can make it. And I know how to make it. Of course in the mysterious and dreamy way. Follow me!