We are Khoi Le, Nam Le, Tuan Huynh, My Tran and Phong Nguyen, the five destination wedding photographers from Khoi Le Studios. We are based in Vietnam and available worldwide.

What we love about wedding photography is that you will never know what is going to happen in that couple of hours. Every wedding is different and we are inspired by the unique personality of each couple.

Whether your wedding is romantic, funny, glamourous, sophisticated or relaxed, we will have our own way to build it beautifully and creatively inside a frame.





"For our wedding, we wanted a photographer with a photo-journalistic approach, not just someone who could create poses and shoot people well. From the moment we saw your portfolio online, we knew we wanted you to photograph our wedding. Having you shoot our special day was definitely the right decision. You made us feel at ease from the very first meeting. You were friendly, easy to get along with and made us feel super comfortable with your relaxed attitude.

Your photography style suited us perfectly, but that aside, we feel that your genuine passion for photography, creativity, and spontaneity, allows you to merge your artistry with the unique need of each couple. You have a gift for bringing out and capturing raw emotions not just images.

Quynh and I are incredibly happy with how the photos turned out. Thank you for doing a fantastic job capturing all the special moments over our 2-day wedding. We also appreciate all of your hard work in editing our photos, composing our photo album, and even personally delivering it.

Keep up the excellent work. We hope that your talent and passion will lead you to many amazing adventures."

Quynh & Christine


"It was a great and sensational experience to work with Khoi for our engagement and pre-wedding photos. He is very professional, personal and unique on his own way. Working with Khoi is different, he will not create a normal photoshoot, instead he will make it naturally fun and excitement that is so important to be documented. His energy, his passion for photography and his special skills to interact with groom and bride will surprise you. We were praised that he went above and beyond to capture every single unique shot for our album. It was raining on the day that we had our pre-wedding picture taken, but we were worry-free because Khoi knew exactly what to do. He did not hesitate to stand under the rain to capture the best shots for us. Thank you Khoi for the great and fun experience of "no-posing" methodology. Each picture captured perfectly the emotion of the day and we do not know what else to say to thank you enough for the album.If you are looking for a professional photographer for your engagement or pre-wedding, do not hesitate to contact Khoi. He will be the best investment you will ever make for your wedding."

Thang & Vy



"We'd like to express our sincerest gratitude to Mr. Khoi Le for your masterpiece. We feel we made an excellent choice trusting you with our prewedding and wedding photos. Thank you for your professionalism, and enthusiasm. Our trip was amazing and great fun. Thank you so much for perfectly capturing as well as conveying our love and who we truly are as a couple. Be proud of what you do celebrating love and bringing happiness to couples like us with your photos. We wish you all the best in all your future endeavours. Please make a perfect example of this quote I once told you about:

"Follow your passion and success will chase you pants down"

Loc & Trang



"Thank you anh for making our pre-wedding photo session as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. You are talented, and fun to work with! Above all, we love your photos the moment we browsed your portfolio online. Your photography is yet another level of creativity and ingenuity that few photographers can match at this price range. As we are waiting for our album to be edited, all the best to your photography journey."

Hao & Linh


"Hip young talented, creative and very spontaneous photographer that endeavours to capture the moments of emotions in various different perspectives. Making the shoot a fun, easy and comfortable experience, a pleasure to work with."

Denial Hai & Ngan


"As soon as we started working with you on our pre-wedding photo shooting, we knew we made the right decision. You are truly gifted as a professional photographer. 
Thanks for your professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity. Thanks for making our shooting journeys more fun with your 'no-posing methodology' as its awesome, natural and fun.

Keep up your good work Khoi!"

Keith & Christine