Hao + Linh | Prewedding | Da Nang

Hao - Linh_Pre-72.jpg

Hao & Linh are an interesting couple. They are Vietnamese but live and work in Singapore. Before coming to Khoi Le Studios for a prewedding shoot, they have consulted and studied carefully about a lot of wedding photographers in Vietnam. In their first email to me, they sent a long list of references photos that they have picked from different sources and would like to have an album that has the same style. I am very grateful for the fact that all my clients have very good tastes. However keeping yourselves in the boundaries that you have set will be stressful and unnatural. So, after discussing and receiving advice from Khoi Le, the reference photos were set aside and the couple understood that a prewedding session should be an enjoyable trip and a chance for them to recall the good memories that they had together. Prewedding photos should reflect the couple’s feelings. Their personalities and the way they love each other will help create their very own memorable prewedding photos. And this is the result we have after a prewedding photoshoot session in Danang.

The couple was very satisfied with what they have experienced and again decided to let Khoi Le take care of their big day.

Thank you for always having your full faith in Khoi Le Studios.