Hao + Linh | Wedding photojournalism | Saigon

Everyone may still remember Hao & Linh, a special couple I have mentioned in my last post for their prewedding album (http://khoilestudios.com/blog/2017/10/1/0mvvw75phutm9d42o0o4w5h35izhxe). To me, their wedding photojournalism album is also as special as they are.

First of all this is the first photojournalism session that I shot after completing two international workshops: Fearless Class and Master Class with Dennis Berti. I have a clear direction and more proper thoughts about the real value of wedding photojournalism. Besides traditional group photos and portraits which are inseparable parts of a ceremony session, the rest of the photos are all candid moments with no arrangement or directions from the photographer. It is the bride’s, groom’s and other subjects’ choice to do whatever they want or to choose the place they stood or sit. I played a role of an observer, waiting and catching the best moments to tell their story in the most natural way. This is also the first time I shot with a Sony A9 and followed by a camera crew in charge of recording my full working process without any scripts..

It is a completely fresh feeling, a little bit of risk and not to mention the eagerness when you are having chances to experience new interesting things. No words can describe the strong emotion that I have hearing the couple says “It was totally beyond our expectation”.

Let’s have a look at the memorable moments of traditional Chinese wedding told by Khoi Le Studios