Alex + Abby | Photojournalism Wedding | Saigon

We asked Alex & Abby why did you decide to celebrate your wedding in Vietnam, but not in Hong Kong? Alex said that he were looking for somewhere new and fresh, and by chance once visiting Vietnam years ago, he found Park Hyatt Saigon, the Vietnamese coffee and Vietnamese street life were so amazing that he would want to share this experiences with his wife.

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Tung + Mi | Photojournalism Wedding | Ha Tinh

After 5 years through ups & downs of life, Tung & Mi had finally tied the knot, mixed their colorful sands, enjoyed the first dance and celebrated love till dawn.
Thanks to event planners, videographers spending hours to decorate the wedding hall right in front of Tung & Mi’s house in Vietnam. Incredible wedding dress & rings designed by Vera Wang & Cartier.

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Phuong + Tra | Photojournalism Wedding | Saigon

To end year 2018 with such a special wedding of Phuong & Tra was our honor and unforgettable moment. Being inspired by the Avatar movie, Phuong & Tra had spent a lot of effort with wedding decorative team to illustrate their wedding reception like a Avatar Theme, giving the guests the feelings of "Lost in the different fantastic world".

Thanks Phuong & Tra for trusting in our vision, we believe that every wedding is unique in their own way and there are always moments to be captured no matter how big or small, fun or emotional, long or short it is.

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Phung + Tano | Wedding Photojournalism | Saigon

Phung & Tano are one of the young wedding couples that understand and appreciate the photojournalism approach in wedding. They said to us that it was so true and amazing to look back a photo and suddenly all of memories, feelings and moments come back, it makes the photo unique, like no others, it definitely was the power of photojournalism.

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Tung + Thuy | Wedding Photojournalism | Saigon

Nếu như đám cưới của bạn là một ngày mưa tầm tã thì sẽ thế nào?

Đám cưới của Tùng và Thùy ở Sai Gon Chic hôm đó cũng mưa tằm tã như thế, đó là đám cưới giản dị trong cơn bão vui nhất mình từng chứng kiến và chụp lại, mưa chỉ làm tăng thêm sự lãng mạn. Mọi người có thể ướt sũng, nhưng tất cả lại cười, lại khóc nhiều hơn bao giờ hết, và chắc sẽ không bao giờ quên được cảm xúc ngày hôm đó.

Mấy bạn cùng xem vài ảnh phóng sự cưới mà tụi mình kể lại nhé!

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Bach + Priyah | Wedding Photojournalsim | Saigon

"Dear Khoi Le Studios team,
Your work is so amazing!!! We really love every shot. Until now, I still feel like that magical night just happened yesterday. I can see the joy, happiness, romance, excitement expressed from those photos. Only you guys are able to make it possible, seriously!
We love how you included the mishaps that occurred, these hiccups make the entire night memorable, and you're able to capture it all." <3

We hope every customer can understand us like this couple do. Thank you so much! 

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Canh + Linh | Wedding Photojournalism | Vietnam

Sài Gòn - Hà Nội, một đám cưới tổ chức tại hai nơi cách nhau đúng 1 tuần lễ. Những ngày ở Hà Nội là những ngày không bao giờ quên với tụi mình, 2 anh em sau khi chụp xong cứ lang thang qua từng con phố Hà Nội để rồi về lại Sài Gòn vẫn nhớ Hà Nội đến từng giọng nói và những cái ôm thật chặt.

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