Ednilson + Quyen | Prewedding | Sapa

Ednilson-Quyen_Pre (143 of 394).jpg

Sapa has never disappointed anyone, especially people who are in love. We had a very enjoyable prewedding shoot in the imposing mountain scenery of the north of Vietnam. The love between these two people seems to beat the typical cold atmosphere of Sapa. We can feel the warmth of their sweet embrace through which we can tell how much they fall in love with each other. A true love is something obvious to regconize believe me and the secret of successful prewedding session from photographer’s side is to be sensitive enough to notice it. Romantic scenery in addition will help boost the vibes to a higher level.

Location does play a certain role in wedding photography however it is not the decisive factor. That is what I believe and try to prove through my work. This is the first time I tried taking photos of the couple not only on shooting day but from the time they got on the plane heading to Hanoi then on a train to Lao Cai and a bus to Sapa. And guess what, the result is surprising. We had super natural and intimate pictures. So the advice for couples here is to be you, don’t worry too much on how to “create” a love story in a beautiful place. I will tell your love story instead, as the way it is. And lastly, in order to have a great story, you must have a great love. “Great” doesn’t mean something huge or enormous. It means you are deeply in love with each other. Beautiful places may stir up your feelings but after all it’s your true emotions that decide the value of your photos.

I hope you enjoy these prewedding photos. Check out my albums for more beautiful photos