Phuong + Tra | Photojournalism Wedding | Saigon

To end year 2018 with such a special wedding of Phuong & Tra was our honor and unforgettable moment. Being inspired by the Avatar movie, Phuong & Tra had spent a lot of effort with wedding decorative team to illustrate their wedding reception like a Avatar Theme, giving the guests the feelings of "Lost in the different fantastic world".

This talented couple even had amazing skill by designing their own wedding logo from their first two letters of their name, mixing it with Vietnam's national flower, The Lotus.

It was so touching to hear Phuong & Tra' thoughts in the interview session created by Sake Videography Team that whatever happens they will spend most of the time to take care and protect their parents. We know they will be great caring-person since we had also experienced their kindness by ourselves.

Thanks Phuong & Tra for trusting in our vision, we believe that every wedding is unique in their own way and there are always moments to be captured no matter how big or small, fun or emotional, long or short it is.

Wedding Location: Sofitel Hotel, Vietnam
Videography Team: Sake Weddings
Photographers: Khoi Le & Nam Le