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Tung + Mi | Photojournalism Wedding | Ha Tinh

After 5 years through ups & downs of life, Tung & Mi had finally tied the knot, mixed their colorful sands, enjoyed the first dance and celebrated love till dawn.
Thanks to event planners, videographers spending hours to decorate the wedding hall right in front of Tung & Mi’s house in Vietnam. Incredible wedding dress & rings designed by Vera Wang & Cartier.

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Phuong + Tra | Photojournalism Wedding | Saigon

To end year 2018 with such a special wedding of Phuong & Tra was our honor and unforgettable moment. Being inspired by the Avatar movie, Phuong & Tra had spent a lot of effort with wedding decorative team to illustrate their wedding reception like a Avatar Theme, giving the guests the feelings of "Lost in the different fantastic world".

Thanks Phuong & Tra for trusting in our vision, we believe that every wedding is unique in their own way and there are always moments to be captured no matter how big or small, fun or emotional, long or short it is.

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Huy + Thanh | Wedding Photojournalism | DaLat

What a photographer is interested in might be the impressive photos engaging with branding. But for wedding photography, the most interested thing is to capture the true and spririted feelings in every breath. Huy and Thanh are extremely special. They really care about the small and simple things which relate to friendship and familyhood. Wedding in their eyes is an occasion to look back all the memories they had with all sadness and happiness that they’ve gone through, and also marks their beginning of a new chapter in life.

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