It’s not exaggerated to call Tuan Huynh as “The Wandering Dreamer” as he is truly a romantic guy who has many visionary ideas of art.

Tuan's starting point is a software engineering. And if you wonder why Tuan chose to pursue the art of photography is a mystery that only God knows. There is an obvious thing that not all photographers are well-trained and have learned about photography from the beginning. It must come from passion and continuous practicing.

Tuan turned to photography in a very accidental way. The soulful software engineer wandered in Dalat one day and he realized how marvelous capturing photo was when he incidentally took some photos of this wonderful place. Mysterious beautiful scene showed up melancholy from the floating fog hidden in deep green pine forest that only those stayed right in that moment could contemplate. He suddenly had an urge to save all of these spectacular scenes by photographing. He became a wandering daydreamer from that moment.

With Tuan Huynh, everything happens just once. Time goes by, it will be faded in our messy memories. Photographing for wedding requires not only artistic factor but also genuine and natural feelings. Tuan wants to focus timely on emotion which is so diversified and changeable. Sometimes it’s very sweet, gentle; sometimes it’s so emotional or reckless; sometimes sad, sometimes happy. No matter how, everything goes on harmoniously like the melody of a ballad to tell a love story that will never end. A competent photographer will know when he should take a shot to keep an intact moment and preserve it in a good condition. Tuan Huynh aim to become such a photographer like that. Wedding photo is considered as the gift of memory in which we recollect our youth, our love and our happiness that can be shared endlessly to our next generations about their grandparent’s life in the old days. So if it doesn’t reflect the truth, how our children inherit and how we recall the time we were. To answer those touch question, Tuan Huynh try to work on photography seriously and learn restlessly every day in order to give out not only the beautiful photos but also the emotional ones.

Tuan’s professional direction is to become a DESTINATION WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER TRAVELLING AROUND THE WORLD. He is willing to go on a journey together with bride and groom in the role of friend because he thinks it would make them feel comfortable to express all feelings and be very spontaneous in the photos without any impacts of photographer.

To end up the story about this dreamy guy, let me recommend you a movie that I really like. It’s “About Time”. In the movie, two main characters was holding their wedding ceremony with the sweet melody of the song II Mondo. Suddenly, a rainstorm came along with an angry wind and swept almost everything. The man character, Tim, asked his lover: Mary, Have you ever wished to choose another sunny day for our wedding? Mary shook her head, she laughed cheerily and said: “I have never ever feel sorry for choosing this day, my darling. It doesn’t matter how crazy the rainstorm can be, but it will be the happiest and most memorable day in my life.”

“We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.” That is also the message Tuan Huynh want to share, hope the couples who come to him will understand. Someday, if everything goes on the wrong track and it comes to you unexpectedly, even in your remarkable wedding, the best thing you can do is enjoy it and turn it to the best memory ever.  Live with all your wild heart, love with all your reckless soul and enjoy every part of your ride because you will never know maybe somewhere over the rainbow, the miracle is coming.

"Every photo has a story behind it"