Alex + Abby | Photojournalism Wedding | Saigon

We asked Alex & Abby why did you decide to celebrate your wedding in Vietnam, but not in Hong Kong? Alex said that he were looking for somewhere new and fresh, and by chance once visiting Vietnam years ago, he found Park Hyatt Saigon, the Vietnamese coffee and Vietnamese street life were so amazing that he would want to share this experiences with his wife.
We remembered what lined above all of these reasons were his strong dedication in creating the most wonderful memories for his bride-to-be. There were only 40 special guests, coming all the way from Hong Kong, would attend the wedding ceremony. It was a warm welcome night with classic looks from the hall decorations, special guests sharing their most secret and sincere speeches to Alex & Abby. They laughed, they cried, they cheered. It was a perfect night for the love to shine and we would put 200% concentration in preserving these moments, stopping any precious moments and desires of Alex & Abby faded away later on. If it was not because of the love Alex giving out to Abby, we would not be that much influenced in the way that wanted to giving all efforts and hearts out into these photographs.

Once again, documenting Alex & Abby’ wedding is an experience we’ll never forget. Thanks for trusting us with your memories!

Photos by Nam Le & Tuan Huynh

Venue Park Hyatt Saigon