Bach + Priyah | Wedding Photojournalsim | Saigon

Quoted from our lovely customers: "We believe in: “Give the man his time and he will complete his masterpiece”, so pls take your own good time to complete it, your team doesn’t have to rush anything at all."

And after we sent this clip as a small gift for the couple, this is what they responded back:

 "Dear Khoi Le Studios team,
Your work is so amazing!!! We really love every shot. Until now, I still feel like that magical night just happened yesterday. I can see the joy, happiness, romance, excitement expressed from those photos. Only you guys are able to make it possible, seriously!
We love how you included the mishaps that occurred, these hiccups make the entire night memorable, and you're able to capture it all." <3

We hope every customer can understand us like this couple do. Thank you so much! 

Photos by Nam Le

Guest photographer: Tuan Huynh

Location: Saigon Chic