“There are alternatives to the studio portrait session for families. Dress down and let us capture your family as they really are and in the ways you’ll want to always remember. Do your normal routine: a family game night, take a walk, play in the backyard, or head into town for shopping or a visit to the playground. Get the entire family out there raking autumn leaves, and get it photographed. There are opportunities for beautiful, candid shots of you with the people you love … as well as a lot of opportunities for humor and self-aware confidence. Using photographs from that stage of the ‘day in your life’, for a family portrait reveals an enviable comfort with the real moments of family life that some people would love to share and show for many years. Have some fun in the kitchen making dinner together, some pancakes, or some cookies. Plan a classic picnic at the beach, or an afternoon in the park, and enjoy yourselves while your photographer captures the real expressions, the true interactions of the gathered group and the quiet conversations.”

Said by Family Photojournalist Association (