Cu Lon | Baby Baptism Ceremony | Vietnam

Quang Dam is a great architectural & wedding photographer, and also a great friend of mine. He always devotes his time & soul in each Architecture project he shoots, making the still objects alive, making the unusual become a nỏrm. With his sense of humor, any wedding couples he shoot, the atmospheres are always full of laugh, craziness and energetic scenes. It's very unique while delivering the true personalities of the wedding couples at the same time.

After finishing my two workshops in one day, I got a call from Quang and asked me if I could shoot his baby baptism ceremony the next morning. I was reluctant because the ceremony was only 15 minutes long with 30km drive to the location, and I was aware of my health conditions after 3 straight days lack of sleep and full rest. Then, Quang told me how was this baptism ceremony for his first child so important to him. That‘s why he wanted to find a photojournalistic photographer who could capture the meaningful event that means a lots to him. It was so touching and I decided to go for the shoot.

This experience to me was totally different from a wedding day. There were no decoration, no make up. Every thing happened in Quang‘s house was so ordinary, just like a daily life routine, no less or more. At that moment, I felt the empathy and love that spread in the warm and cozy house. Although the baptism ceremony was quick and not-so-many moments to capture, what I really love was the little caring details and love gestures from Quang, his wife and his family towards their child (Cu Lon) that attracted my attention, and it was truly connected to my feelings.

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