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Van & Raveen | Day in a life | Melbourne

It was an unforgettable experience while traveling around Melbourne. I hoped that in no particular occasion of time in the next 10 years, Van & Raveen could sit back, open these photographs again and really get excited like their first time seeing these moments. If it could be like what I wish, I would feel so completed and accomplished with the value of photographs that I deliver to two of them. It will enhance my belief in what I am pursuing as a documentary photographer.

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Cu Lon | Baby Baptism Ceremony | Vietnam

This experience to me was totally different from a wedding day. There were no decoration, no make up. Every thing happened in Quang‘s house was so ordinary, just like a daily life routine, no less or more. At that moment, I felt the empathy and love that spread in the warm and cozy house. Although the baptism ceremony was quick and not-so-many moments to capture, what I really love was the little caring details and love gestures from Quang, his wife and his family towards their child (Cu Lon) that attracted my attention, and it was truly connected to my feelings.

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